Licensing and distribution policy.

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ReactLab™ applications incorporate a trial installation license key which will allow the software to be installed and run on any number of PC’s for up to 3 days. During or after this time a free trial license extension key may be requested from Jplus by emailing with a host computer hardware fingerprint (see below).

Permanent standalone and network license keys may be purchased by credit card via the Jplus website or directly from us by Purchase Order and International Money Transfer. Extended trial and permanent licenses keys are locked to the hardware fingerprint of a customer’s host computer (for standalone licenses) or server (for network licenses) and a specific user name.

Extended Trial and Permanent Standalone Licenses

Extended Trial and Permanent Standalone (single user) licenses allow the associated ReactLab™ application to be run on a single designated computer. The computer is identified by its hardware ‘fingerprint’. Jplus will generate a unique alphanumeric key which encrypts this information with the customer username to allow the program to run either in extended trial mode or permanently on this computer when a purchase has been completed. Details of this procedure are documented in the System Requirements and Installation Guide.

Please note when both ReactLab™ Kinetics and ReactLab™ Equilibria are purchased they can be installed independently on the same or different computers. Each application on each computer will require its own permanent license key.

Multiple Standalone License Purchase

Multiple license purchases offer a significant cost saving for several users. These must only be used for ReactLab™ installations within, or directly associated with, a single organization. For numbers greater than 5 (which are directly available on the website) please contact Jplus Consulting for a quotation.

Network Licensing

Network licensing for ReactLab™ is based on a client-server model. The ReactLab™ application must be installed in a special server mode on a suitable designated network computer or server. Details of this procedure are documented in the System Requirements and Installation Guide. The network licenses is hardware locked to the server and the customer must provide the hardware fingerprint during the installation and registration process. This procedure is explained in this document.

When this installation of ReactLab™ is run in server mode this special instance of the application will allow a designated maximum number of ‘client’ copies of the ReactLab™ application to run on any of the PC’s on the network. The server keeps a running total of the running instances of ReactLab™ over the network and when a new instance of the program is started on a client PC the server is interrogated for an available ‘slot’. An error message will indicate that the maximum number of running copies has been exceeded and will only run when a copy running elsewhere has been exited.

Please note ‘client’ copies of ReactLab™ can be installed on any number of PC’s on the network and are not hardware locked. This means computers can be added to the network or upgraded without needing to modify license keys, only a routine installation of ReactLab™ is required. Only if the server installation is switched will a replacement license key be required.

Also note, as with standalone licences, network keys for ReactLab™ KINETICS and ReactLab™ EQUILIBRIA are independent and do not interfere with each other. Server installations for each must be performed separately and different configurations of users are permissible.

Mixing Standalone Licenses and Network Licenses

ReactLab™ applications always look for an available network license server when they are first run. If they find it they will take an available slot on the network. If they do not find a license server or are disconnected from the network they will default to any other valid license key on the local computer. This can be a permanent standalone license or trial license. A PC with a permanent standalone license can therefore be run away from the network but when it is connected will occupy one of the available slots associated with the specific network license.

Technical Support

Purchase of a permanent or network licenses will include technical support and maintenance upgrades for 1 year. Please note all requests for support must be accompanied with the license user name and original registered customer name responsible for the original product purchase.

Upgrades and License Transfers

Eligible software upgrades will not normally require a replacement license.

Computer upgrades including hard disc changes or other configuration changes may cause a licensed computer fingerprint to change and cause a purchased hardware locked license key to become invalid. In this event, subject to reasonable evidence supporting the new license request, a new key will be issued.

Replacement licenses will also be provided in the event a customer wishes to dispose of a licensed computer or server and wishes to transfer the license to a new computer. If this is not possible reasonable evidence of the disposal or loss must be provided to Jplus Consulting. Further details can be found in the System Requirements and Installation Guide.

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May 22nd 2017
ReactLab KINETICS and EQUILIBRIA build 10 now availble

ReactLab KINETICS and ReactLab EQUILIBRIA build 10 are now available for download. A minor bug in the compiler has been corrected. This could in rare situations cause a failure for the fit to converge correctly. We recommend all users download this latest version.

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November 20th 2016
ReactLab KINETICS & EQUILIBRIA – build09 now available

This new build fixes a compatibility problem arising with Excel 2016 in which an ‘incomplete worksheet entry’ was raised when trying to update or fit a model to data.

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December 29th 2015

We are pleased to announce that ReactLab KINSIM PLUS for the simulation and modelling of reaction kinetics is now to be made freely available and is renamed ReactLab KINSIM. This remains version 1, but Build 2, and replaces the former free version of the program, also called ReactLab KINSIM but offering fewer features. You can […]

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January 10th 2014

We are pleased to announce the launch of ReactLab KINSIM for the simulation and modelling of reaction kinetics. The standard version of the software is available FREE. You can download the free version from the product page here. ReactLab KINSIM PLUS is a licensed version of the program which offers additional features including dynamic parameter […]

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