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  1. 203-205 Kingston Road, Leatherhead
  2. Surrey KT22 7PB
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Tel: +44 (0)1372 386537

Applied Photophysics is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of precision spectrometers for steady state and kinetic applications. Jplus also works with Applied Photophysics to help identify and supply novel application specific global analysis solutions, to complement and enhance their range of spectroscopy instrumentation.

Protonic Softwareprotonic_logo

  1. 2 Templegate Avenue
  2. Leeds LS15 0HD
  3. United Kingdom

Protonic Software, established by Peter Gans is a world recognised supplier of equilibrium analysis software and related products. The Hyperquad family of analysis tools provide complimentary applications to ReactLab™ products including the analysis of potentiometric titration and NMR data. Jplus has established a co-marketing partnership with Peter Gans in order to promote these complimentary capabilities.

TgK Scientific Ltdtkg_logo

  1. 7 Long’s Yard
  2. St Margaret’s Street
  3. Bradford-on-Avon
  4. BA15 1DH
  5. United Kingdom

TgK Scientific Ltd is a pioneering Scientific Instrumentation Company in the field of solution transient kinetics and spectroscopy. The Company prides itself on delivering high performance and high specification scientific equipment for research laboratories around the world.

Jplus has established a collaborative partnership with TgK in order to introduce and promote ReactLab™ software tools to their existing and new customers and to facilitate co-development opportunities in the future.

CAMO Software AScamo_logo

  1. Nedre Vollgate 8
  2. N-0158, Oslo
  3. Norway
  4. Tel: +47 223 963 00
  5. Fax: +47 223 963 22

As pioneers in multivariate data analysis software products, CAMO Software offer the most definitive analytical modeling, prediction and optimization solutions. CAMO’s flagship simulation and prediction software products are The Unscrambler® and the Unscrambler Optimizer. ReactLab™ analytical capabilities complement those of CAMO and a strategic partnership has been established to facilitate joint marketing and future co-development opportunities.

Click here to try out The Unscrambler® in your web browser.


Jplus Consulting welcomes approaches from other companies interested in collaborative business opportunities.


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to chemical process analysis

Latest news
November 2nd 2017
Coming Soon…ReactLab CO2

We are pleased to announce Jplus Consulting have signed a licensing agreement with CSIRO in Australia to develop and commercialise a novel software application ReactLab CO2 for the determination of CO2 absorbant concentrations for utilisation in industrial PCC (Post Combustion Capture) process plants. The analysis can instantly determine the key absorbant concentrations from online IR […]

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May 22nd 2017
ReactLab KINETICS and EQUILIBRIA build 10 now availble

ReactLab KINETICS and ReactLab EQUILIBRIA build 10 are now available for download. A minor bug in the compiler has been corrected. This could in rare situations cause a failure for the fit to converge correctly. We recommend all users download this latest version.

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November 20th 2016
ReactLab KINETICS & EQUILIBRIA – build09 now available

This new build fixes a compatibility problem arising with Excel 2016 in which an ‘incomplete worksheet entry’ was raised when trying to update or fit a model to data.

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December 29th 2015

We are pleased to announce that ReactLab KINSIM PLUS for the simulation and modelling of reaction kinetics is now to be made freely available and is renamed ReactLab KINSIM. This remains version 1, but Build 2, and replaces the former free version of the program, also called ReactLab KINSIM but offering fewer features. You can […]

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January 10th 2014

We are pleased to announce the launch of ReactLab KINSIM for the simulation and modelling of reaction kinetics. The standard version of the software is available FREE. You can download the free version from the product page here. ReactLab KINSIM PLUS is a licensed version of the program which offers additional features including dynamic parameter […]

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