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An initial 3-day evaluation period will commence when the ReactLab™ application is first run. This can be extended for a further 14 days on request. Extended trial or permanent license key issue requires the supply of each target computer’s hardware fingerprint to Jplus Consulting via email. A license key will then be generated and emailed back. This process may take a day or so depending on customer location. See the Licensing and Distribution Policy for further details. Please note it is necessary to install the Matlab Compiler Runtime library on the target computer prior to running ReactLab™ applications. This is included in the download. Further information can be found in the System Requirements and Installation Guide.

Adding new dimensions
to chemical process analysis

Latest news
November 20th 2016
ReactLab KINETICS & EQUILIBRIA – build09 now available

This new build fixes a compatibility problem arising with Excel 2016 in which an ‘incomplete worksheet entry’ was raised when trying to update or fit a model to data.

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December 29th 2015

We are pleased to announce that ReactLab KINSIM PLUS for the simulation and modelling of reaction kinetics is now to be made freely available and is renamed ReactLab KINSIM. This remains version 1, but Build 2, and replaces the former free version of the program, also called ReactLab KINSIM but offering fewer features. You can […]

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January 10th 2014

We are pleased to announce the launch of ReactLab KINSIM for the simulation and modelling of reaction kinetics. The standard version of the software is available FREE. You can download the free version from the product page here. ReactLab KINSIM PLUS is a licensed version of the program which offers additional features including dynamic parameter […]

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September 24th 2013
New Jplus Website

New website launched!

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May 7th 2013
ReactLab Version 1.1 Build 08 now available for download.

Key New Feature release: Automatic export of Residual matrix to a separate worksheet in ReactLab workbooks. Fit Plot worksheet added to templates for fit visualisation at selected wavelengths. ReactLab™ EQUILIBRIA and ReactLab™ KINETICS now both support analysis of measurements made at a single wavelength.

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